Fair & Transparent

I will give battle for a fair, transparent, accessible, and accountable government for our communities. By organizing and acting collectively on identifying problems with members of our communities. Together we will not only build stronger communities, but we will also inspire the next generation of leaders.

Public Safety

We must put an indefinite end to the broken window theory in our neighborhoods. We must reform public safety, it is crucial to build strong, safe communities and to create an economy that works for all residents. Public safety is the core responsibility of our government. By attending meetings and working with the Police Department we will create an environment where people can feel safe to learn, work and visit.

Economic Development

Building successful neighborhoods is building neighborhoods of opportunity. We must fight and direct efforts to improve conditions in troubled neighborhoods. The approach to neighborhood revitalization must be robust. Residents should play a meaningful role in the design, manage, and implementation of a comprehensive community initiative.


We are in dire need of an education system that excites children to want more. Currently, in Chicago, a lot of neighborhood schools are under-performing and underfunded. The education system needs to be completely revamped, it needs to be transparent, so citizens can see how it's being managed. Under the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) the states must allow parents to get involved in the accountability process for schools. By holding schools accountable for students achievement we will ensure a more ambitious education for kids who are often furthest behind.   


Our city needs more diverse types of housing units, such as apartments, townhomes and/or single-family homes for people with a range of income levels. Many people living in struggling neighborhoods lack affordable, quality housing options. A model of mixed-income housing offer the environments and amenities to help residents thrive by elevating the standard of living for the lowest-income residents while providing the quality amenities that attract people with a choice to the neighborhood.


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